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Electric Kettles

By kitchenqueen | June 27, 2009

electric kettleIf before, you still need to heat you water with using the usual primitive kettle you have, nowadays, you can do the heating maybe a 100x faster with the use of electric kettles.

Electric kettles come in many forms. Some are plastic- which are much cheaper, some are stainless- which are more expensive, some are cordless, some are not. Many different types for you to choose from depending on your preference.

I remember when I was still in college, I have an electric kettle that I used to call power kettle. Because in my place during those times, I don't even have a kitchen on my pad. I don't even have a heater on my CR (oh, how poor am I!) and that electric kettle surely do a lot of functions for me during my college life. If I want to drink a cup of hot milk or coffee, I will use it. To warm my bath, I also use it. If I want to cook instant noodles, I also used it! Oops, I'm not here to influence you to do that, since that's improper. I just want to share how I love to have that electric kettle with me till now.

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Now that I have my own family, I can still use my electric kettle, which my dad bought me about 12 years ago I think. It is still very functional and in fact, I still use it everyday, but definitely not for preparing instant noodles anymore! =)

You can see lots of kinds of this appliance all over the place. This is also one great gift for newly weds since it is very useful and much cheaper compared to other appliances.

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