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Sandwich Maker

By kitchenqueen | June 27, 2009

sandwich makerDo you already have a sandwich maker? If none, then you may think of buying one today.

Sandwich maker is one great kitchen appliance that was invented not so long time ago. And thanks to whoever had come up with this invention, it made us a lot better and less messy our way of preparing sandwiches for our family.

So this is how it generally works (I don't know if it works the same with other kinds but with my own sandwich maker, this is how it goes.) You just prepare it the usual way. Place your bread slice inside, then the toppings above it, may it be ham, cheese, tomatoes, bacons, etc. (just make sure that's not too bulky at all) then place the other bread on top of it, close the sandwich maker and wait for a couple of minutes until it is completely browned, depending on your choice.

You can set the time longer or shorter if you want. Then after a few minutes, your sandwich is all set and ready to eat, or put in your lunchbox and get ready for school. As simple as that.

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I always prefer my sandwich to be done with using a sandwich maker because I want the bread to be slightly brown and crisp, and in fact, even if you put the ham or bacon uncooked, it will be eventually cooked inside, as long as you set the timer right.

This kitchen appliance is nice to have if you are a busy person or is always on the go, since with the use of this, you can prepare your meal in just minutes. This is another option for your fast meal, aside from reheating pre-cooked meals. Preparing your sandwiches with the use of a sandwich maker is also another option given to you for your fast, yet great meal for the day.

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